Monday, June 25, 2012

Dear Parents and Students:

            DigLit is an opportunity for all students interested in enhancing their learning experience prior to entering the classroom. Each unit within DigLit provides a foundation of knowledge as well as enrichment opportunities relevant to upcoming course material. Tasks and challenges requested of the student are intended to both expand the learner’s knowledge and sharpen the learner’s literacy skills. Successfully completed tasks and challenges will be recognized by course instructors; participation is voluntary.  

Alma Bryant High School Language Arts Department




Summer Reading goes viral!!!

Alma Bryant High School leads the way with DigLit!!

A digital literacy website will be available throughout the summer months to provide valuable opportunities to practice necessary literary skills, explore relevant content, and prepare for the upcoming school year. Encourage your students to DigLit!!

Literacy is sooooo much more than just "reading."

Literacy is a survival tool!!



            And, just like man evolves, literacy evolves. Living in a technological age requires literacy to exist in a unique environment; this technological age encourages the literate to acquire and to consume information quickly, efficiently, and holistically. With infinite sources available to those who desire to learn, technology provides a classroom that is both intimidating and enlightening. Yet, the sources are useless if the consumer is illiterate. Technology is powerless if the message cannot be coded nor decoded. Most important, technology – much like the brain – is wasted if not used to its potential.

            Thus, DigLit has been created for the use of today’s consumer. DigLit provides a learning environment meant to enhance the classroom. To meet one’s potential requires the ability to both read and write well. These literacy skills brought man out of the Stone Age. Man continues to evolve. Education should as well.

                                                                        Let’s read and write in a digital classroom… DigLit!


To explore DigLit:

ü Go to moodle.mcpss.com

ü Select High Schools

ü Choose Bryant High School

ü Pick DigLit

ü Click on your upcoming class level

ü Enter your MCPSS username and password

(Both should have been provided by a MCPSS representative during the previous school year. See your administrator for assistance.)

ü Enroll in class J

Parents/Guests can enter the site by registering as a guest and entering the password Bryant.

Have fun exploring DigLit!

Within the DigLit site, check out:

·        Videos

·        Blogs

·        Interactive activities

·        Historical archives

·        Musical presentations, and more!!


**Recommended grade level reading lists

***Tentative AP/Honors reading selections

****ALSDE Summer Reading Challenge link

Get DigLit at Alma Bryant High School’s website or just scan the QR code with your phone.


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